What drew me to this photo, aside from the obvious, was the fact that my in-laws have an old 1950's car parked on the side of a hill in their holler. I've always looked at it in wonder, trying to figure out why it is there and how it got there.

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No one seems to know. When I asked them, they said that, for as long as they can remember, it's always been there. Maybe, it was a getaway car for criminals that had to be hidden, maybe it was a car that was part of a lovers quarrel/divorce settlement gone bad, or maybe it was just used as a landfill to help secure the strength of the hill. Who knows.

Sometimes things we see can be easily explained, while other times, they can not. This might another one of those times.

I came across this photo on Facebook and asked my friend if I could write about it, He said yes, and although he didn't want any credit for the photo, he had this to say.

I would really like to know how and why the 55 Ford is up there. In the comments, there were a few explanations, but I don’t know how accurate they are. I did do some mild research, but none of it was conclusive. - Anonymous photographer

The car has been seen and tried to be explained by many over the years

It appears to be a 1955 Ford Customline Tudor that has been embedded into the roof of an old barn along the side of a back-country road. No idea how long it's been there, but we stumbled upon it in September 2010. Easily visible from the road. There is a fence around it, but we got out of our car and went up to the fence to get pictures. - J &amp; K Jones, 09/17/2010 -<a href="https://www.roadsideamerica.com/tip/26971"> roadsideamerica.com</a>

Possible reasons the car is on the barn's roof

Although word around Wapella, a small town 13 miles south of Bloomington, is that a nasty tornado in 1968 lifted Vernon Leggett’s 1955 Ford Customline Tudor and plopped it smack dab on top of a barn, that is not true. There are many stories that are circulated but the one told most is that, in an ingenious maneuver, Leggett got rid of the guts of the car and had its shell hoisted atop the barn to help pull up harvested corn and put it into a crib. - Chuck Blystone - <a href="https://pantagraph.com/to-drive-home-a-point-car-is-parked-on-barn-roof/image_4fae0c40-3fd7-11e3-9d0a-0019bb2963f4.html">thepantagraph.com</a>I live right near it. My ex's dad lived next door as a kid and said it was just there one morning when they woke up. - <em>cheese_hotdog</em> -<a href="https://www.reddit.com/r/mildlyinteresting/comments/4nagzt/a_car_in_the_roof_of_a_barn/"> reddit.com</a>

This reason is hilarious and silly, but I love it.

The car was placed on this barn when it was only a small shelter and when it grew into a barn the car was raised to the top. - tritonseaworth - <a href="https://www.reddit.com/r/mildlyinteresting/comments/4nagzt/a_car_in_the_roof_of_a_barn/">reddit.com</a>

Funny responses to the parked car

That's funny, there wasn't a barn there when we parked. - fedoracat <ahref="https://www.reddit.com/r/mildlyinteresting/comments/4nagzt/a_car_in_the_roof_of_a_barn/"> reddit.com</a>

Apparently, the 1955 Ford isn't the only car parked on top of a roof LOL

If you have any idea or theory about why the car is parked on top of a rural, abandoned IL barn, please share it with me, HERE.


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