One of the great perks of being in this business is our contact with the artists. I have been doing this for about 30 years, Leslie and Eric have been doing this long enough to get to know a lot of artists and performers, most of whom are very nice and professional and occasionally, we might wind up with a long term friendship with a particular artist. Part of our job is to interview artists, which usually happens when an artist is going to be in town or has a new album coming out they want to promote and most of those go pretty well, but sometimes, not so much.

There is nothing worse than an awkward interview, especially when it is painfully obvious that artist would rather be anywhere else than stuck talking with us. I have had a few of those over the years and they are not fun. I did one interview with an artist that got so bad, I had to cut it off and go back to music. She was so rude that I simply walked away from her....she found me later in the evening and apologized profusely and actually wanted to do the inter view again. I declined and we went our separate ways, but that does happen.

Bottom line, if an artist doesn't want to be interviewed, it will be the most torturous few minutes for the artist and the interviewer and nobody wins in that situation, especially the fans of the artist who are watching or listening.

When actors do a new film, they know they have to hit the road for a series of interviews to promote the film, they are called junkets. The actor knows, or should know anyway that for the most part the interview will be scripted and they will be answering the same question over and over because that is just how it's done, so deal with it...answer the questions and be nice. The interviewer also a responsibility to be professional, courteous and respectful.

Watch the below interview that Bruce Willis gave a British station about his Reds 2 film. This is a train-wreck because Willis is so unbelievably rude and disrespectful of the interviewer, who is just trying to do his job the best he can.

This is a great example of Bruce Willis making everyone look bad including himself, his co-stars, his producers and anyone else even remotely close to him. As for the interviewer in this disaster, he tried...he really did, but his time was completely wasted and he was treated in a way her certainly did not deserve. His name is Jamie Edwards....Jamie, I feel your pain, I have been there myself in almost exactly the same way.

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