I've shared a lot of video of both UFO's and also meteorites this year. This isn't either of those. It is a very bright streak seen in our skies, but there's no doubt as to what it is.

First, I need to fess up. I got this totally wrong the first time I saw it. I was positive it was a meteor streaking through our skies. I said this in front of my wife and she quickly grabbed me by the ear and informed me I was wrong.

Watch this and see if you can identify without me telling you. This was one of the streaks above the Midwest as seen over Indiana a few weeks ago.

If you guessed space debris, give yourself a cookie. It's space debris and after doing some research, I now understand why we're seeing so many streaks like this. According to Interesting Engineering, there are over 128 million objects orbiting earth that are larger than a millimeter.

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There's so much space junk around our planet, Fast Company estimates that Earth could have it's own ring like Saturn someday. A ring of space trash...just like my yard, but in space.

Some of the larger streaks in the night sky are remains of rockets. Others are old satellites or payloads from space missions that no longer serve a purpose.

What's the difference between space trash and meteors? One word: speed. As National Geographic points out, meteors travels 44 miles per second. Space trash seems to just slowly drift as it burns up in the atmosphere. A meteor will flash quickly as it gets closer to Earth.

Next time you see one of those streaks, you can know you're not seeing an alien invasion. It's just junk we left in space burning up over our heads. How glamorous.

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