Brad Paisley is the king of humorous country songs. It's been a while since he has release a funny kind of song, but he is back at it again with his latest music video.  You may remember such funny hits as "Ticks," "Celebrity," "Online," "Alcohol,", and "I'm Gonna Miss Her." Brad's triumphant return to humorous, yet very accurate, songs comes in the form of a song about something that most everyone has done....taking selfies.

Here's the cool thing about this song, Brad put the word out for his fans to send in their worst selfies, and they totally came might have even sent one or two in yourself!  He put a ton of them in the video to his new song, "Selfies_#TheInternet_Is_Forever".

So what kind of selfies are featured in this video? Every kind of selfie that you can think of! We're talking bare breasts, butts, people sitting on the can, people throwing up, a very pregnant woman smoking a cigarette . . . and Brad even included a clip of his own bare butt.  It's pixelated, as are most of the video's naughty bits. So don't worry, you won't be seeing anything that you're not supposed to!



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