Folks in Boonville can expect to see a change in scenery very soon with a new solar field. The solar field will be located just south of the Boonville Sewer Works off of Millersburg Road. This is very close to the Boonville By-Pass that opened in 2018.

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According to a press release by Boonville Mayor, Charles Wyatt, the bid for the solar field will be awarded tonight at the Board of Works meeting. Phase 1 of this project is expected to cost $1.7 million.

It will save an estimated $17,000 a month in electricity costs.The savings is set up for 30 years though what is called a "Net Metering" agreement with Vectren. What the City of Boonville can generate in solar power will be saved on Vectren's grid and can be used later whenever it is needed, according to the press release. This new solar pannel field raises a couple of questions for residents of Boonville.

What does this mean for the residents of Boonville? According to the press release, "over $6 million in savings will help keep sewer costs and rates lower for Boonville customers in the future."

How will this project be funded? It is funded as part of the Sewer Works Bond Anticipation Notes Series 2016.

Again, this is only Phase 1 of the project. There is still room for this to grow. According to the press release, "future expansion of the solar field will be possible when the need for sewer plant expansion is warranted.

As a resident of Boonville, saving money on bills is okay by me. What are you thoughts about the new solar field coming to Boonville? Will it be a good thing for the residents?

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