The pictures caught of the animal are incredible!  While bobcat sightings aren't typically anything to be concerned about safety wise, it's still a really cool sight! 

According to Danielle Moore, this morning by Solarbron on Evansville's west side she spotted a bobcat, she said there was a lake right by and it seemed to be watching the ducks.  Hey bobcats have to eat too!

How cool is this photo??

Danielle Moore
Danielle Moore


According to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, bobcats are very curious animals, but are generally solitary and secretive animals, and for the most part are too afraid of you to bother you.  So a bobcat sighting is typically not something to be concerned about as they don't pose much danger to us.  However you still shouldn't try to approach one, they are still wild animals.

While the Indiana DNR has not had any reports of pets being injured by bobcats, they do recommend keeping dogs leashed, and cats indoors for their safety.  They also say it is very uncommon, but not unheard of the have conflicts between bobcats and livestock, and if you happen to have an issue with a bobcat messing with your livestock you may request a nuisance wildlife permit from the DNR.

As with all wildlife, bobcats should be respected if encountered. The natural response of a bobcat is to flee from humans. Bobcats, like all wildlife, should never be fed or approached because doing so can reduce their natural response to flee and lead to negative interactions.

Having bobcat populations across the state is a positive, but it can generate questions about livestock predation, safety of pets and impacts on game birds. Conflicts between bobcats and livestock are rare, but landowners may request a nuisance wildlife permit from the DNR for bobcats in the rare instance that damage is occurring. Research on the diet of bobcats in Indiana found they preferred to eat mammals like rabbits and mice, rather than birds. To date, the DNR has received no verified accounts of bobcats injuring a pet, but keeping dogs leashed and cats indoors is encouraged as it can reduce negative interactions with all wildlife.

Thank you Danielle for sharing these incredible photos!


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