Growing up in Indiana, I had no idea That Kentucky us such a beautiful state. The only time I had been to Kentucky, was driving through Henderson on my way to a family vacation in Florida. But, after moving to Kentucky, I truly feel it's one of the most amazing and gorgeous states in the US. The rolling hills, rock cliffs, and incredible lakes are breathtaking.

My very favorite lake is a lake I have never even visited. I guess you could say I stalk it from afar. That lake is Lake Cumberland, a reservoir in Clinton, Laurel, McCreary, Pulaski, Russell, and Wayne counties in Kentucky. It's a truly magnificent lake.

Lake Cumberland

How can you love a place you've never visited? I'm in a Facebook group called Lake Cumberland, and I don't even have a boat. LOL. I just love to see the photos and videos they post about the lake the love.

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Remember the article I wrote introducing you to Billy the Lake Cumberland Goat? The photos and video I saw on the boating Facebook group. I'm hoping to visit Lake Cumberland and meet Billy, in person, soon.

Another post that stuck out to me was this little bobcat seen from the deck of a boat, dog-paddling to the shore.

Lea Anne Metcalfe/Lake Cumberland
Lea Anne Metcalfe/Lake Cumberland

Once he made his way to the shore, he amazingly scalesd the rock cliff with ease. Take a look.

Lake Cumberland, in Kentucky, is full of nature's beauty and wonder. After your first visit, I am told, you immediately make plans for your next trip to the lake.

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