Lake Cumberland, in Kentucky, is one of the state's most beautiful state parks. The lake is absolutely gorgeous. The huge lake is lined with amazing rock cliff walls and forest. While you're there, on a boat, enjoying the lake and looking at the shore, you can expect to see fish, birds, raccoons, squirrels, even an occasional bobcat or black bear, or Bigfoot. Yes, I said Bigfoot. But, only a few lucky boaters have seen Billy, the Lake Cumberland Goat.

Locals and frequent boaters and visitors to Lake Cumberland know about Billy. Others, who have only heard about him visit.

This is a video from Fall 2019.

Recently, two farming couples from Batesville, IN, decided to take a vacation at Lake Cumberland before their very busy harvest season and to celebrate both a wedding anniversary and a birthday. They saw Billy on the rock cliffs, as they were out in the lake on a pontoon boat, and couldn't believe their eyes. The goat was walking on the cliffs high above the lake water where Harmon and Difficulty Creeks meet. Billy took them by total surprise. They had no idea that Billy was very well known in those parts. The two couples, Patti and Keith, and Susie and Ted thought, at first that Billy wasn't real. The goat looked so majestic and perfect until he moved, he looked like he is a piece of art.

Susie Hahn and Patti Abbott

So, they decide to do a little research to find out more about this goat at Lake Cumberland. And, low and behold, he had his own Facebook group and Instagram account. Billy has almost 3,000 members in his group. As they were scrolling through the post in the group, they came across a photo contest.

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To win, you had to take the best photo of Billy. Whoever had the best photo was going to win a goat-shirt and stainless steel goat mug. Wow, he was right there in front of them and they would be able to get a great photo. They were even feeding him peanut butter cookies until they ran out.

They had Doritos too, surely they could take a winning photo and maybe some cool videos with that kind of bribe.

Susie Hahn and Patti Abbott
Susie Hahn and Patti Abbott

He took the bait. Once he finished and they ran out, they started snapping photos of Billy, and boy did he turn on the charm. When Billy realizes that he has an audience, he brings his modeling and superstar A-game. 

Patti wrote this in the status of the photo she posted on Facebook.

What a poser. He smiled and wagged his tail at the Paparazzi. Love to know what he was thinking. #billyrules #billythelakecumberlandgoat

Susie Hahn


Someone photo shopped the head tilt photo to make it even cuter.

Susie Hahn and Patti Abbott

Look at his confident smirk.

Susie Hahn and Patti Abbott

Billy is not shy at all. You can see where he gets his confidence. LOL

Susie Hahn and Patti Abbott

Well, the contest was from a Facebook post back in 2020, so they didn't win the photo contest, but I AM going to send them WKDQ t-shirts that they promise to wear on their next trip to Lake Cumberland to visit Billy.

Oh, one more hilarious detail, Ted celebrated his birthday on Friday, and Patti and Keith were celebrating their wedding anniversary on Sunday. Susie and Ted got them a card and it was perfect.

Patti shared this part of the story...

Another funny note Susie had bought us an anniversary card 2 weeks prior to the trip and it has goat on it. Sunday morning we busted out laughing what were the odds of an anniversary card with goats anyway! Farmers are easily entertained. 

Patti Abbott

HAHAHA! Thanks to Patti and Susie for sharing all their photos and video with me so I could share them with you. Please check out Abbott Flagpoles Batesville Indiana, it's Patti and Keith's side gig to farming.

We talked about Billy on the air. Here is the audio.


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