In a perfect world, people who go out and enjoy the beauty that nature provides would clean up after themselves. However, as we know all too well, that world doesn't exist yet, and it's not uncommon to see bottles, cans, plastic bags, and other types of trash littering the landscape. While it may not be fair, it's up to those of us who do care about preserving our natural surroundings to step up and clean up the mess others leave behind.

One opportunity to do that is coming up on Earth Day (Thursday, April 22nd) in the town of Milltown, Indiana, roughly an hour and a half drive east of Evansville on the Blue River.

The cleanup effort is being spearheaded by Cave Country Canoes in Milltown who is offering free kayak and canoe rentals to those interested in participating. The company will also provide all the supplies you need to collect any trash you find on your journey.

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The company is giving you two stretches of the river to help clean. The seven-mile upper river option, or the 14-mile lower river. If you're not the kayaking or canoeing type, but would still like to help, the company is offering a "land-based" cleanup option where you'll walk along the river's bank and collect whatever litter you find.

While the event is free to be a part of, advanced registration is required, and must be done through the company's website or by calling 812-633-4806.

[Source: Cave Country Canoes]

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