The Halloween season is here and one of our great traditions is watching horror/sci-fi movies on TV. There have been many great ones beginning with the golden age of scary movies in the early 1950's. I watched them all at my home town theater in Paintsville, Ky., and then began collecting lobby cards from the best ones. Here are a few goodies from my collection. The one that scared me the most was from one of Hollywood's first sequel movies and one of the first in 3-D. It came in 1954.

Since it made millions and the studio had spent so much money on the elaborate "gillman" suit, they quickly filmed a sequel:

For some reason the gillman only attacked scantily dressed beautiful women or fully dressed men. He got another round a year later with a third in the Black Lagoon series:

 After that, little 11 year old Bill Love turned to a couple of oldies that made their second trip to the theater in my town:

Looks like Igor is offering Frank a light for his smoke and Frank is refusing. Good for you, Frank. Boris Karloff got all wrapped up in making this 1932 movie:

Once again the mummy monster was searching for a beautiful woman. Way back before Jurassic Park was thought about, there was this one:

Little toy dinosaurs chasing beautiful women. It appears that dino is breathing fire. He must have eaten a Taco Bell restaurant. The only thing terrifying about this movie was that I was now 12 years old and had to pay adult admission. This 1951 movie was one of the best of all time: 

It came in the middle of the cold war with Russia and bore the message that we must all learn to live together or be destroyed. It's been 58 years since this was made, so how's that "living together" working out?  Here's the first space movie made after WWII. They used real footage of German V-1 rockets as the space ship: 

In that 1950 movie starring Lloyd Bridges, we were aiming for the moon but missed and landed on Mars instead. Well--that stuff happens. I've saved the most frightening of all for last. This was about a nice young man that went crazy and became a.................


I would not recommend that one. Have a safe Halloween.