I decided to let this go for a while after posting the poll the first week of January. That's because there are more bakeries in the area than I realized, and that's a GREAT thing. Who doesn't like fresh baked goods?

And according to your votes--and there were nearly 2,500 of them--these bakeries are your ten favorites, but they certainly weren't the only ones that got votes. So, we'll start with shout-outs to great bakeries who were shown some love because of their amazing delicacies but just didn't crack the top ten.

A tip of the chef's hat to Golden Glaze, Hometown Donuts, Niko's Bakery & Cafe, Koehler's, Great Harvest Bread Company, Tonya's Tasty Treats, Donut Bank, Riley Bakery, Southern Secrets, The Cup Cakery, Sweet Temptations by Victoria, Sammy Jean's Cafe & Catering, Behind the Times, Krystal's Cake Creations, McKee Bakery, and Baker's Dozen.


10. Becca Bakes

"Kristina Maguire-Board brought a couple cupcakes home and they were awesome!" - Chris Board

"That cake is too beautiful to eat." - Tommy Becky Clark

9. Bread by Sarah

"This Little Lady bakes bread with her big heart. If you all haven’t tried Bread by Sarah you are so missing out!!!" - Brandy Murphy Stephen

"Sarah makes the best bread. My family and I just love it." - Pamela Bishop

8. Cakes by Sweet Peas

"Thankful for cheesecake for breakfast this morning. Let me tell you! If you haven’t tried the cheesecake from Cakes by Sweet Peas, you’re really missing out!" - Tina Reynolds

"Another shout-out goes to Cakes by Sweet Peas for the fantastic cupcakes she did for us this weekend!" - Muhlenberg County Class of 2012

7. Bea Sweet Treats

"Cory got me the BEST birthday cake ever from Bea Sweet Treats!" - Nikki Heaton

"Those girls are AMAZING! Yet another small business that needs our support!" - DeAnn Crider Schmidt

6. J&H Bakery

"J&H by a long shot!" - Sherri Leigh Austin

"I would put J&H Bakery in Greenville up against anybody!" - Eddy Arnold

5. Rolling Pin

"Love their donuts, they are the best. " - Margie Hale

"Oh what I wouldn't give for a chocolate long john and jelly donut from Rolling Pin Pastry Shop." - Rosey Greathouse

4. Powderly Donuts

"Always great food and service!" - Matt Adams

"Love me some Powderly Donuts!!!!" - Kacey Buchanan Stafford

3. Aunt D's Sweets

"Thank you, Darlene at Aunt D's Sweets for always turning our ideas into tasty creations!!!" - Jennifer Gwynn Hamilton

"I’d like to give a shout out to Aunt D's Sweets. If any of you are in western Kentucky near Beaver Dam and need any kind of cake or sweets made, hit this lady up." - Chad Easterling

2. Patty-Cake

"How was I not already liking this page when u made me the prettiest best tasting cake?" - Tonya Jimmy Rone

"Patty-Cake Bakery delivered for Kathryn's 21st. They were beautiful and delicious!" - Heather Blair

1. Cakes & More by Jess

Cakes & More by Jess/Facebook
Cakes & More by Jess/Facebook

"You couldn't ask for a better place and have the best tasting cakes and different things to eat than Cakes and More by Jess. She does an amazing job." - Regina Sigers

"My little boy LOVED his hungry caterpillar smash cake! Cannot wait to order something else from you!!" - Abby Lynne Yates

Thank you for all the votes, and I'm sure these bakers would thank each of you individually if they could. In the meantime, it's the dinner hour as I wrap this up; I'm thinking two cupcakes with a side of Bundt cake and, I don't know, a cookie and a donut for dessert.

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