Searching the Internet for deals is an excellent way to stretch your vacation budget, but it’s also a way to come in contact with lots of scammers. Tri-State Better Business Bureau serving Evansville and the tristate area warns consumers to be on the lookout for fraudulent rental property postings, travel and vacation scams.

As more people choose property rentals over typical vacation accommodations, scammers have found ways to take advantage. Con artists may post listings for properties that do not belong to them, are not currently available, or that mislead the consumer with dishonest photos. Once you are interested in the property, scammers will claim they need a "security deposit" and make off with your money leaving you without a place to stay. Often victims don't realize they've been scammed until weeks or months later once they have arrived at their destination.

Another variation of the scam targets property owners who are approached by con artists claiming to be professionals who resale timeshares. The scammers promise they have buyers ready to purchase, but actually, they plan on using the property to scam other individuals. Some victims have found images of their home being offered as a vacation rental online.

You can find more information about this scam, here.

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