A man covers himself with peanut butter and chocolate and a Dad tries to help his son, but makes it worse.



Andrew Toothman, a 22 year old from Kentucky, was taken into custody after  being found inside a supermarket naked a covered in chocolate and peanut  according to a Smoking Gun report. In addition to the peanut butter and  chocolate Andrew was also wearing a pair of black boots. Not only did he cover himself in peanut butter and chocolate he also covered the supermarket’s floor  and manager’s floor too. To top it off the mess on the floors, he wrote “Sorry” in  liquid NyQuil.



Police in Pennsylvania said man who came to pick up his son, who was charged  with driving under the influence, was arrested for the same  offense.  Pennsylvania State Police said Timothy Smith of Chadds Ford showed up at the barracks in Media to pick up his son,  who had been arrested on a DUI charge, at 10:45 p.m. and troopers quickly got  the impression that Smith had also been drinking, the Philadelphia Daily News  reported Tuesday.  Police said they determined Smith had driven his car from Chadd’s Ford to the barracks and arrested him on a DUI  charge.











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