Getting your body in shape for God and waking up to a real life nightmare.


A Baptist preacher from Annandale, Virginia has been leading his congregation on a massive weight loss and exercise program. He says he wants to remind people that they’re not only made by God, they’re also made for God and they need to honor Him with their bodies. The programs has been going on for 4 years and so far the congregation has loss a total of 12,000 pounds, with the preacher losing 120 pounds himself. He’s now written a book about the program called Bod4God.


Talk about a nightmare, a Connecticut man was abruptly waken up to a SUV crashing through his apartment and as if that wasn’t bad enough, it landed on top of him while he was in bed. Michael Sweat was asleep when he was woken by the car that had him pinned for close to 90 minutes while emergency personal worked to get him out. Michael survived the accident, but was taken to the hospital for second and third degree burns. As for how the car got in his bedroom it all started with a police chase. The chase started when the suspect failed to stop for a stop sign. The police tried to deflate the car’s tires, but the driver managed to avoid them until he ended up driving into Michael’s apartment.