In show business, it is said, there are two rules. The first is never work with kids and the second is never work with animals. In my stage and radio experience, I would have to agree with at least one of the rules.

Once, while on stage, a child bit my ankle. I was like, 'WTH!!This kid just bit me!!!' Let's just say that I rarely worked with small children after that. My experience with animals though, has been much different.
The only animal I have worked with was Mechi, the Rhino, at the Mesker Park Zoo. She was incredible. From the looks of this video, I should feel blessed that we ran out of time to record any video with the monkeys. And if I ever DO work with a primate, I should bring a body guard!

She handles it like a pro! But... what's up with the creepy smile on the baboons face?!?! LOL

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