We might as well do something other than binge watch TV while we are 'quarantining'.

If you have Amazon, you might be familiar with Audible. If not, here's your chance to get introduced. Do you love books? I do, but hardly have time between cooking, laundry, cleaning, and just plain life. Now more than ever we are spending time at home thanks to COVID-19. We can only clean so much, cook so much, and get tired of watching TV so much. This is a great time to read those books! If you don't have them at home or prefer listening to them, Audible is a great resource. They even offer a FREE 30-Day Trial! Perfect for the time we are spending at home.

What you get:

Your free 30-day membership comes with:

  •  Your choice of 1 audiobook + 2 Audible Originals
  •  Exclusive audio-guided wellness programs
  • A friendly email reminder before your trial ends

Here are some best sellers you can listen to.

To get signed up, click here.

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