If you claim to be a coffee fanatic, you better make plans to be a part of Nashville's first coffee festival.

We all know someone who can't function unless they have their daily dose of coffee. There are several out there who will say "coffee is life." Well, if you know, or claim to be one of them, you are in for a treat.

Throughout the years we have seen several types of food and drink festivals. Everything from beer fests, mac and cheese fests, pizza fests, donut fests, taco fests, and the list goes on and on when it comes to the different types of festivals we have in the region dedicated to a specific type of food or drink. Finally, there is one coming to our region that is dedicated to that one beverage folks can't live without...coffee.

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Good Coffee Fest Coming to Nashville, Tennessee

A first-of-its-kind coffee festival will be making it's way to Nashville this fall. The first annual Good Coffee Fest 2022 will feature a variety of coffee from around the world by the coffee community in Nashville. Event-goers will be able to try out new coffee, learn about their origins, enjoy live music, cocktails, food, and local art vendors. The Good Coffee Fest 2022 is put on by Humphreys Street Coffee Company. According to Harvest Hands/Humphreys Street Executive Director & Co-Founder, Brian Hicks:

Good Coffee Fest is just what its name says—a coffee-forward festival bringing communities together to have fun for a greater cause. We are uniting our service industry and providing unique coffee, food, and drink experiences to Nashville’s residences and visitors. The first event of its kind in Tennessee, Good Coffee Fest will feature a variety of coffees from around the world, all provided by our own local coffee community. In addition to trying new coffee and learning about its origins, this special event will include live music, specialty crafted cocktails, unique food experiences, and local art vendors. In the end, we are having a big, Tennessee-wide party, and you’re invited! All proceeds will go to the continued growth of the historic Napier Sudekum neighborhood and Harvest Hands empowering work.  Come through, feel the joy, and celebrate the good stuff, all for the good.
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Good Coffee Fest Event Details

The first annual Good Coffee Fest will be held at the Outfield (416 Chestnut Street) in South Nashville from 11 am-5 pm on October 15th. This event will also be host to home brewing and latte art classes as well. Tickets for the coffee festival and more information on the event can be found by clicking here.

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