The spring and summer season is always a good time for movie releases and there are a couple of movies that will hit theaters on April 8th. The first is a remake of a comedy classic and the second marks the silver screen debut of one of Country music's biggest stars. 

Carrie Underwood

The classic comedy "Arthur" starring Dudley Moore, Liza Minnelli and Sir John Gielgud was first released in 1981 and was a huge hit which catapulted Dudley Moore into a big screen superstar. The new "Arthur" hits theaters on April 8th and stars Russell Brand as Arthur and Helen Mirren as Arthur's caretaker. Remakes are very difficult to do in the first place, let alone updating the film to fit today's modern society. Those who enjoy Russell Brand's brand of humor and who are unfamiliar with the original, might find this movie entertaining. Those of us who loved the original will find it hard to believe Brand can recreate the magical character Moore created in 1981. The second movie coming out on April 8th is "Soul Surfer", the true story of a champion surfer who survived a shark attack. AnnaSophia Robb plays surfer Bethany Hamilton and chronicles her struggle to get back after the shark attack. Carrie Underwood plays Sara Hill, the youth group leader who helped inspire hamilton to get past her ordeal. Carrie Underwood gives an honest an inspirational performance in this film.

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