There has been so much talk lately about Blake Shelton's recent Christmas special, 'Blake Shelton's Not So Family Christmas', which received great reviews. Definitely not a family show, but very funny, very creative and very well put together. People are still talking about the novel approach Shelton took with this show. On the other hand, Michael Buble attempted a very similar concept and as great a singer as Buble is, his special fell way short. In fact, was really pretty awful... sorry Michael. Hey, at least it was not the worst ever.

I think I have found what could safely be called the worst Christmas special ever! It was back in 1988 that Arnold Schwarzenegger did a special called 'Arnold's Very Special Christmas Party'. Oh my god, this was the worst. I mean Mike Tyson was in it if that tells you anything... that's right MIKE TYSON! Good lord!

The show is full of other celebrities from that time and was just plain cheesey as you can see below.


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