Without looking up the answers how many can you get correct? Answers at the bottom of page

  1. In Kenny Rogers' tune "Lucille," how many hungry kids did Lucille leave at home?
  2. What was the date on the letters by the bed of the man who "Stopped Loving Her Today" in George Jones' classic?
  3. Tammy Wynette wants the listener to give her man something to cling to in "Stand By Your Man." What is it?
  4. In Dolly Parton's "Jolene," what were the color of Jolene's eyes?
  5. How old was Johnny Cash when his father left in "A Boy Named Sue"?
  6. What is Conway Twitty trying to find a way to lose in "Hello Darlin'"?
  7. What kind of footwear is in style in Merle Haggard's "Oakie From Muskogee"?
  8. John Anderson is "Swingin'" with Charlotte on the front porch. Where is her brother?
  9. In the classic "Highwayman," Waylon Jennings sings the part of a dam builder on what dam?
  10. How many kids were in the family in Loretta Lynn's "Coal Miner's Daughter"?



  1. four
  2. dated 1962
  3. two arms
  4. emerald green
  5. three
  6. memories
  7. leather boots
  8. on the sofa
  9. Boulder
  10. eight

There's no prize to be awarded but if you got all 10 correct, you should probably be sitting on the front row at the Opry. If you missed just one, you deserve the second row. Eight right? -- you could claim row three. Six right would get you the back of the lower level. Five right would put you in the balcony. Four good ones and you should wait in the lobby. Three or less, and you should probably sit in the car and listen to the Opry on your radio.

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