You learn something new everyday, and today I learned that we are drinking Starbucks bottled Frappuccinos wrong. This is a game changer.

Personally, I am not crazy about coffee, but my girlfriend is. She just bought a whole case of Starbucks' bottled Frappuccinos from Sam's not too long ago. I already know that she will be changing the way she drinks them as soon as she sees this.

There's a Tik Tok video currently going viral that shows we have been drinking these things the wrong way this whole time. Get ready, this will blow your mind.

When you go to Starbucks to order a Frappuccino, they are usually iced, right? The bottled ones are not...but they should be.

If you put the bottle in the freezer for a few hours, then shake it, it turns into a blended iced coffee drink just like a real Frappuccino from Starbucks.

One thing that should be noted that you might want to set a timer on your phone for just a few hours. If you leave it in too long, there's a chance the glass can crack and lead to a mess in your freezer that you don't want...not to mention a whole bottle wasted before you could even drink it.

When I saw this video, I thought "what kind of sorcery is this?" It's pretty awesome how it goes from what you see in a typical bottled Frappuccino to an iced coffee drink in a matter of seconds. Check it out:


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