We all have those words that we still struggle to spell, and according to new Google data, folks in Indiana can't remember how to spell one word more than others...and it's one that we use all of the time.

Back in elementary school, we had spelling tests every week. I can remember having to write each word down ten to twenty times a piece so that I could learn how to spell it correctly for the tests. These tests ended after elementary school, but I think that we should have had spelling tests all the way through high school because there are still some words that we have trouble spelling. For me, there are a few words that I struggle with, but the one that sticks out is "definitely."  Which is funny, because that word is something that you'll see pop up in a minute in this article. Granted, nowadays we have spell check and auto-correct on our phones to tell us that we have misspelled a word. We rely on these tools way too much and all of us can acknowledge that we have some words that we either speak into our phones when texting or we rely on our phones to auto-correct.


Look, everyone has certain words that we have trouble spelling. Nobody is immune to that. It's just...some words are easier to spell than others, in general. Last year, we revealed the top word that folks in Indiana couldn't remember how to spell. In 2023, that word was "beauty," and apparently over the past twelve months, we learned how to spell it because data has come in for the top misspelled word in 2024. The word that Hoosiers have a hard time spelling in 2024 is one that we all use quite often.

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Most Misspelled Word in Indiana

Google Trends has revealed the top word each state can't remember how to spell.  These results are based on the top 'How do you spell ___?'  Google searches in each state in 2024.

A few of them, admittingly are kind of tough.  For example: Texas doesn't know how to spell "physique," Arizona (and myself) has trouble with the word "colonel," and Kentucky has the same problem that I have with the word "definitely." But a lot of the others are words we SHOULD be able to spell. Looking at some of those words, it makes me feel better that the word Hoosiers needs help spelling is "jealous."

As a proud Hoosier, I can honestly say that I'm not one of the ones who doesn't know how to spell "jealous." That being said I can understand the difficulty with the word. Some folks might be inclined to spell it "gelus," or "jelous". If you are one of the many Hoosiers who have difficulty spelling that word, it's okay. No judgment here!

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