Evansville will have not one, but two haunted car washes for you to have a scary good time this month!

It's Halloween season, and haunted attractions are popping up all throughout the area. In fact we have a lot of options here in southern Indiana, from haunted houses, a haunted corn maze, and haunted hay rides. Another type of haunted attraction that we will have in Evansville is a haunted car wash. Last week, we reported that for the fourth year in a row, a west side car wash will be hosting a haunted car wash in October. Royal Express Car Wash on Evansville's West Side will be bringing back their drive-thru haunted car wash attraction called "Royal House of Horror" on October 27th and the 28th from 6 p.m.-11 p.m.

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However, that won't be the only haunted car wash for you to check out in Evansville this month.

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What is a Haunted Car Wash?

You have been to haunted houses before, but those don't compare to the terror that you will find inside of a haunted car wash. Essentially, it's a drive-thru car wash that transforms itself into a haunted attraction. You will see all sorts of creepy things greeting you as you enter the car wash, there will most likely be some fog and some spooky lights, plus you never know who or what might be popping up next to you throughout the creepy car wash, all while getting your car cleaned. Here's a little example of what you can expect at the two haunted car washes in Evansville this year.

Haunted Tunnel at Wash Boss on Evansville's North Side

There's a car wash on Highway 41 North in Evansville called Wash Boss. It's located right in front of Schnucks. It's massive, and they have decided to do something big this Halloween. They will be transforming Wash Boss into "The Haunted Tunnel". This drive-thru haunted car wash attraction is said to be very scary, so enter if you dare.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The Haunted Tunnel will be held on October 14, 21, and 28 this year. The frights begin at 7 p.m. and will go on until the cars stop coming.

You won't want to miss out on these haunted car washes this year, so make plans to attend now!

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