A scary situation happened last night in Evansville that is a warning to be aware of your surroundings. According to Evansville Watch, an Evansville pizza delivery driver was robbed by three individuals.

What a scary scene for a person just simply trying to make a living. This hits home to me as I was a pizza delivery driver and my dad drives too. This isn't something that you think would happen to you as a driver. Especially when delivering to a regular customer in a neighborhood that you're familiar with.I can't imagine how shaken up the driver must have been.

As of now, police have still yet to find the three individuals responsible for this, If you have any insight on who they are or where they might be, contact the Evansville Police Department.

It doesn't matter if you are delivering pizza or simply walking to your vehicle to go to the store, be aware of your surroundings! This is the second time this month that someone was robbed in Evansville while sitting in their vehicle. Some residents are a little fearful that this may happen to them in town. It's not a bad idea to carry something for self defense like pepper spray.

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