If you've ever had dreams of wanting to be on American Idol, this could be your chance!

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American Idol

For more than 20 years American Idol has brought comical auditions, and wildly talented artists to our living rooms.  I used to watch the show religiously, and I remember calling the number multiple times to vote for my favorite singers.  Many huge names have been discovered thanks to American Idol too! In fact, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Scotty McCreery, and Kellie Pickler are just a few of the big names that have come from the show (though not all were winners in their respective seasons, I think we can all agree that they won in our hearts).   Maybe the next American Idol could be you!

American Idol Hosting Virtual Auditions Across America

With a show that's been around as long as American Idol, you can imagine just how many people want to let their voice be heard, and audition for the iconic show.  While American Idol does frequently host in-person auditions in select cities across the U.S.  This year along with in-person auditions, American Idol will be bringing special virtual auditions to every state.


American Idol is hosting Idol Across America where they will set up virtual Zoom auditions in each state. There's a huge list of eligibility requirements to audition for American Idol, which you can check out here.  You do have to be born between June 2, 1994 and February 15, 2009, that counts me out! I'm too old for Idol :(

When Are Virtual Auditions in the Tri-State?

The dates for Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky's virtual auditions are:

  • Illinois- August 28th
  • Indiana- August 18th
  • Kentucky-August 18th

If you're interested in a virtual audition, you can reserve a time slot for a virtual audition by clicking here.


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