Our mission, originally, was to go to Henryville, IN. We set out to take the donations to Chelsea Church of God first and then head to Henryville.

As soon as we got to the church, the Pastor was happy to have us there. He said they have been receiving donations for the past three days and said they really have a need for cleaning supplies, tarps and trash cans. He took our cleaning supplies, and gave us his blessing in Henryville. As we got to the truck, he asked how we heard about Henryville.

I told him that I work for 99.5 WKDQ in Evansville, IN and how we were reporting on Henryville since Friday. He asked us. "Why aren't going to Marysville, just a few miles from there?" He said everyone has been going to Henryville because they are getting the most attention. "People are forgetting about the little towns that need the most help." I told him that wouldn't happen. So I immediately changed our plans and set my sights on Marysville, In. I refuse to forget about the little people. I didn't want to go to the city that was in the spotlight. I wont to go to the city with the most need, and that was Marysville.

We were only there for a day, but a lot happened in that day, and It had a huge impact on my life as well as the other USI students that went with me. We didn't get to really get our hands dirty because a lot of surveying was still going on while we were there. I definitely acomplished my main goal to hand deliver your donations to the people directly and that was worth it all. I saw lots of tears from families affected while I was there, but it was a true joy to wipe those tears and tell them that the Tr-State has their back.  We met a representative of United Way while we were there. I spoke to her about coming back this weekend to actually help clean up. She said she would love to make that happen and is working on getting us a place to stay while we're there. I'm ready to back and continue to make a difference in these people's lives. The fact is, that wouldn't have been/ or be  possible without your donations. So on behalf of the people of Marysville, IN, Thank You.

Special Thanks To These Huge Hearts...

Pro Image in Washington square mall for printing these awesome t-shirts for me!

USI Students-  Nate Hause, Lisa Jo, Sara Dunville, and Samantha Sodrel

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This goes without saying, but 99.5 WKDQ and Townsquare Media

These pictures will only capture a fraction of the devastation and our experience, but enjoy!



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