The croc and the dog sounds like it could be the next Disney Pixar collaboration, but this is actually a true story. Imagine taking your doggie out to do its business or get a little exercise, and you encounter a 5-foot alligator.

If you've ever vacationed in Florida, you've seen all of the gator warnings near water.

Photo by Gemma Evans on Unsplash
Photo by Gemma Evans on Unsplash

"KEEP YOUR DISTANCE! Alligators and snakes are common in this area. They can be dangerous and should not be approached, frightened, or fed. Please give them the respect they deserve."

It isn't surprising to see an alligator wandering around neighborhoods in Florida. If you see one in Indiana, that is something to be concerned about. When I take my dog for a walk, it's an adventure if we encounter another dog, cat, or squirrel. I don't think that we could run fast enough if we saw what Linda Stroud and her dog did on their walk. 

A 5-foot alligator was taking itself on a walk in an Indianapolis alley. Where did it come from? Who knows. Surprisingly, it is legal to own an alligator in Indiana, if you have the proper permit.

I actually knew someone that kept a gator in a giant tank in their house. I've never figured that one out. After all of the excitement of meeting AllyGator (I named it) a man came by and scooped it up. So, was he the owner or was he playing finders keepers? I'm not sure we want to find out.

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