So, you're kid has been begging you to get a pet, but you don't have the space for a dog or cat, and you're not quite sure they can handle the responsibility of caring for one even if you did. Well, you're in luck. The Vanderburgh Humane Society has more than just dogs and cats, they also have smaller animals like these rats who are our Pets of the Week.

Meet the VHS Rat Pack

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Chances are, when you think of rats, you think of dirty animals that live in the sewers, carry disease, and find their way into your home to look for food and leave their little poop pellets everywhere. But, domesticated rats actually make great pets. According to the VHS, "Domesticated rats are charismatic and social creatures," and if you're worried about cleanliness, don't be. The VHS says that not only are they clean animals, but they're almost clean to a fault and enjoy social grooming and getting brushed by their people.

We have a co-worker here at the station who had a rat growing up named Gus-Gus (like the one from Cinderella) who said he was one of the best pets she ever had. I don't think he helped sew her a gown for the prom by any means, but she said he was very friendly and social.

The VHS currently has 10 of these friendly little critters available for adoption, all of them female. While they don't expect you to take all 10, they do require you to adopt at least two at the same time. Their adoption fee is $10 each and includes what all adoption fees at the VHS include; up-to-date vaccinations, microchipping, and spaying. All of which would be way more than $10 if purchased separately.

To get a jump start on the adoption process for any of these ladies, some of the paperwork can be filled out online through the VHS website.

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