I came across a music survey by the broadcast music research group, Coleman Insights, that caught my eye. What kind of music do conservative Americans prefer? How about Liberals?

The Coleman folks surveyed 1000 people ages 12 to 54 and asked what type of music they liked. It's not a big surprise that conservatives chose country music as their favorite by a long shot. Nearly half leaned in that direction.

The liberals were more diverse but pop and hip-hop accounted for 68% with country only logging 6%. It should be noted that this survey was taken in February and March before the Covid-19 outbreak had taken hold of our lives and before the candidates for the upcoming presidential election were firmed up.

Here's how the music divide shapes up with conservatives in light red and liberals in blue:

Coleman Insights

There was one category where everyone was in agreement. When asked what current song they hated the most, there was agreement across the board on this one:

I'm inclined to agree with them on this one...

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