Nothing says scary and haunted like an abandoned care facility, and there is one in Illinois that will just give you goose bumps.

Located just outside of Ashmore, Illinois this once house was open to all that needed a place to stay, live, and eat. Built in 1916, the once poor farm has been several things throughout the years. First a poor farm, then a psychiatric hospital, a haunted house, and now the new owners has gutted the house and cleaned it out in order to make way for paranormal investigations to take place.

The history of the home is pretty interesting with documented deaths in the house, some from a house fire, and one maintenance worker that was hit by a train, brought back to the house where he died. The worker has been seen, heard, and felt by several paranormal teams that have investigate the house, especially woman. The home just by looking at the video and pictures below would be pretty cool to investigate. I say that now, but would most likely chicken out if I had the opportunity to do so.

Everyone knows that I am all about ghost haunting shows, and I highly believe in the after life and that there is something greater out there. When it comes to actually coming to investigation for ghosts I am a total chicken. Would you be brave enough to take on this home and investigate?

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