One of the things that fascinate me the most about abandoned houses is the stories that happened inside the walls of the house. As I look at the outside, the yard, and the rooms that lie within the front door, I wonder about the happy times, the sad times, and the bad times. The term, if the walls could talk, rings through my head.

Every house has a story. A story of the time it was built, the families that made the house their home, and the moment when the house basically died. Many of the stories that surround the end or abandonment of a house involve a quiet and quick exit. Other houses have stories that legends are made of.

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The Haunted Twins House, in Shelbyville, IN, is one of those houses. The story surrounding the family that resided in the home will send chills down your spine. It involves three murders and a suicide.

Here is the story from a Facebook post by Kevin Lee Nelson.

While roaming the back roads of southern Indiana, "The Crossroads of America", I came across a great area legend: The Haunted Twins house. According to legend, back in the 1930s the house was occupied by a family with twin boys. After the father took their mother's life, the two sons murdered him in retaliation. Acquitted for the murder, the grown twins took over the house and altered the home making it perfectly symmetrical, allowing each twin to live in one half of the home. On the night of July 4th 1940 the twins argued, faught, and killed each other. Local legend states they can still be heard screaming in pain as they relive the night of their deaths, even from beyond the grave. - Kevin Lee Nelson

Shelbyville, IN, is maybe one of the most haunted and strange places in the entire state. Have you heard of HSelbyville's electric bridge? Urban legend says that the bridge runs electricity through its railings. Take a look.

Werewolf Hallow is an area, in Shelbyville, IN, know for strange creature sightings and unexplained noises at night. No thank you. I like ghosts and abandoned things, but strange creature werewolf things, NO.

I'll do some more digging and find out the scary details of these Shelbyville, IN urban legends.


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