We had a horrible disconnected weekend to start 2020. Our internet died on January 2. We were transported back in time to the days before computers, eBay, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, email, Roku, online newspapers, iPad books and all the other features that we've become to depend on were gone. We didn't know it for a couple of days, but our phone died too. When we hadn't gotten the usual 10 daily robocalls, I finally checked it. Since it happened late in the day on Thursday, we couldn't call our provider until Friday and they couldn't get a repairperson to visit until Monday. How are we going to spend these 3 days?  With NO INTERNET and NO WI-FI? 

At first I thought it would be easy. We were raised without internet. When I was a kid, we didn't even have TV or a telephone. For the weekend we'll just revert back to life as it was years ago and tough it out.

It went pretty good for a few hours. I sat in my recliner Friday night and stared into space. Then without thinking I grabbed my laptop and tried to open Facebook. It was there but I couldn't update it. Maybe there's something on TV. No. Just basic cable but no added features. I went to bed at 9:00PM.

When we settled in bed I became aware that Beverly was holding something in front of her face. Whatever it was wasn't giving off light so it must not be her iPad. She had the light on above the bed and appeared to be reading something. My Lord--it's a book! Do they still make those? I remembered that I had gotten one from Beverly's sister for Christmas (Beverly and her twin sister published several novels together so they are book lovers.)

I started reading my book and got interested. Before I was aware of it, hours had passed. The story grabbed me and I didn't want to stop reading until I dozed and dropped it on my face a couple of times. I started reading again on Saturday and into Sunday.  Here are the books we read this past weekend:

books bill bev

I was a little upset when the guy from Spectrum arrived Monday morning. I almost didn't answer the door. It took him less than a minute to see our modem was bad and put in a new one. We were back in contact with the world again. I hurried to my computer and started on this blog. But I haven't forgotten that great book. Maybe I'll finish it the next time our net goes out.



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