A Missouri man saw a bat. He was sober at the time. Why do I mention that detail? Because he claims the bat had a wing span of around 10 feet. Get some popcorn. You know this is gonna be good.

I'll give you the backstory about what led up to this encounter based on how the storyteller explains it at the beginning of his video.

  1. The guy and his friends were in Missouri on a ghost hunt.
  2. It happened in the summer of 2015.
  3. They had the lights turned off in their vehicle and had night vision goggles on when one of them saw a huge black figure swoop in over the tree line.

I'll let them tell the rest of the story.

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A 10-foot bat and there was no drinking involved? Shocking. They were playing with a Ouija board though, so...

In the story he mentions reports of giant bats attacking people in Missouri. I made the mistake of doing a Google search on that subject and I don't recommend you follow suit.  I'll take their word for that.

I've seen lots of bats in Missouri. It's impossible not to if you adventure near any of our caves. However, I've never seen one with the wingspan of LeBron James.

Did I mention that this guy was sober when he saw the bat? A very important detail to remember the next time you go out ghost hunting with your friends wearing night vision goggles.

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