The holidays are right around the corner and if you are getting ready to start your holiday shopping, have I got the perfect gift for you to give that hard to buy for family member who loves candy and suffers from OCD. It's called the Skittles Sorting Machine and it is completely awesome! I actually know a guy who loves Skittles, but eats them according to color - true story! He starts with the yellows and likes to end with the greens, orange, red and purple in the middle... it's hilarious to watch.

This machine actually sorts the Skittles by color into separate trays and is the brainchild of engineer Brian Egenriether using primarily a phototransistor and a humming bird feeder. He fabricated most of the working parts himself using wood for the base, telescope parts and some PVC.

This really is pretty ingenious when you think about it and who knows, he might be able tackle M&Ms, Reese's Pieces and Starburst next! The video is almost mesmerizing and if you think nobody cares, guess again, because this video has over 300,000 hits. See for yourself. I am so buying one.