Vacation season is already here! Long rides, sticky bodies, hot weather, vehicles tightly packed, but who has room for souvenirs? A simple shirt or a key chain is always fun. I collected key chains for a while. I have plenty of those things in storage. I decided to do something different. Squished Pennies!


Yes! I used to get them on vacation when I was a kid. Something about them were magical to me. Fast forward to now, and I still get super excited when I see a penny machine. Last fall during a family trip to Texas, I found a machine and I was a 33 year old child.

In one of the big rest areas/gas station/beef jerky heaven in Texas, not only did they have a penny machine, they had Pennybandz! Silicone jewelry where you can sport your favorite pennies. I had ordered a black bracelet one years ago but I was delighted to get an orange bracelet. I LOVE my bracelets


I'm a big kid, I know that. Its something fun and different! Its also a bit of a cheaper habit to collect. There is also little books that are made that you can  use for your pennies.


Most machines and 51cents to$1.01. There is even a website to where you can find if any place you might be going to will have the machines, and what images they might have. You can see the Penny Collector website here! It also gives you a brief history of the pennies and how to clean them. Which, some of my pennies are dirty and I didn't realize it until now.


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