Since Eric has taken off again and driven away, probably never to return, I thought I'd share some thoughts about my life in the Cornish household.  I'm Eva and my birthday is next week.  That's right, 5 years old, and I feel pretty good for a middle-aged lady.

It's really a bummer that today, Eric left me with the radio on.  I'm not complaining, because he always seems to keep some form of entertainment going when I'm in the house by myself, but really, dude.  You have a BRAND NEW 50 inch TV, and you turn on the radio.  And you leave it on WKDQ no less, so I can listen to your voice, and get excited thinking you might actually be in the house, but alas, just as I jerk my head up from your pillow I've been drooling on, I realize it's just your disembodied voice talking about Cesar Millan coming to town.  I'd give anything if he would whisper to me...but I digress.

If I was watching TV, I'd enjoy the wonders of the Disney Channel, like Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Dog With A Blog...hey I just realized what I did there.  I used to be the only one who watched those shows, until about two years ago, Eric and Lori brought this tiny, loud, stinky thing into the house to occupy all their time, and MY TV!  Then, about 14 months later...ANOTHER ONE!  I didn't think too much of them at first, and I still get ticked when they try to ride me like some common horse, but they do snuggle pretty good.

Speaking of snuggling, let me tell you what I did to Eric two nights ago.  So, Lori heads to bed with Eric watching TV, and I follow her and give a smug look back at him.  He said something silly like, 'Enjoy it now, Eva, I'll be back there soon.'  You should have seen his face when he came to the bedroom, and tried to get me out of his place.  I just laid there and pretended to be asleep, and boy I wouldn't budge for anything.  He finally just gave up and slept on the couch.  As soon as he left I gave Lori a high-paw, because we won, and Mr. Snore-fest was out of our hair.

Well, I'm going to make it quick because I have to get back to my neighborhood watch program.  I'm the president you see, and I must bark loudly if I see anything suspicious outside the house, you know, like someone running, a rabbit, that no good dog, Roxy from down the street, or a leaf blowing in the wind.

Wait!  What's that I see?  They DID come back!  It's all of them!  Eric, Lori and the kids are BACK!  I can't stop wagging!  Soon the kids will eat dinner and feed me their people food!  I will lick them clean and then probably head to Eric's side of the bed for a long sleep!  But first I must greet them all and tell them to get me tickets for Cesar!