There's a creepy abandoned 100-year-old Ghost Ship in a Kentucky creek We found out you can hike to it and it's awesome!


I think most of us are wondering how a ship landed in the middle of a creek in the state of Kentucky.   The ship actually hit waters just over 100 years ago when it was actually built as a 186-foot luxury yacht where it cruised around Long Island and New York.

After its stint as a luxury yacht, the Celt took on a big job for the Navy and many more historical gigs.  Talk about being very versatile this ship could do it all.

According to;

She was acquired by the US Navy soon after the country's entry into World War One in 1917. In service, she was commissioned as the USS Sachem (SP 192) and used as a Coastal Patrol Yacht. She was even loaned to the famous inventor Thomas Edison who used her to help develop countermeasures for U-boats. He conducted government-funded experiments in New York Harbor (at that time, he was the head of the Naval Consulting Board).



Perhaps the coolest job the Celt ever did was get a cameo in the Madonna video "Papa Don't Preach".  You have to see it.  The appearance starts at about 2:47 in the video.


If you love going on adventures this is one to put on your bucket list.  According to multiple articles and posts on social media, you can actually hike to see the ship.  It sits about 25 miles downstream near Cincinnati, Ohio although it is actually in Kentucky.  Remember the song lyrics "over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go"?   Well, getting to the ship is a bit more complicated than that.  You have a bit of a hike to get there but it is well worth it to soak up this piece of history. Many folks on Instagram have documented their visits and we're sharing them with you.

One thing we will share is at one point it was marked private property.  Some have asked permission to see the boat and others have just gazed at it from the road because that is possible also.




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