Identity theft is running rampant in this country right now and part of the problem might be your passwords and ATM PIN. I was reading an article today on passwords and low and behold, found my own voicemail password on a list of the top 20 dumbest passwords. You may think your sequence of numbers is the most creative ever, but I think you would be surprised at how common it really is. 1111, 0000,1212,7777 and 6969 are some of the most common.

Some people actually use 'password' as their password, which is number one on the dumb password list. Others include 'letmein' and 'trustno1'...very creative, who would even think to try those? This is really pretty scary when you think about it.

Just last night my wife was complaining that she just can't keep up with all of her passwords because she has different ones for every system she uses. I on the other hand, tend to use the same password for everything and I'm starting to think that is pretty stupid. By the way, the 10 most common passwords, account for about 20% of all passwords found by hackers and the hackers are constantly looking.

Just be careful when choosing a password and according to what I read, you should change them frequently. Most passwords and PINs are not as secure as you might think and secure is much better than clever. I obviously don't know the first thing about choosing passwords because I'm on the dumb list, so good luck...just beware of the obvious, because the obvious, really is.