Every wedding day has some kind of drama, but imagine a bride getting ready to head to her wedding, only to find her car had been broken into and her wedding dress had been stolen. That is exactly what happened to a bride named Amanda until she called 911 and on the other end was her guardian angel. The 911 operator, identified only as Candice, knew exactly what to do. The first thing she asked Amanda was the size of her dress then called her supervisor to get permission to lend Amanda the very dress she had worn at her own wedding 18 months ago.

Amanda couldn't believe what was happening, so Candice texted a picture to the officer on the scene and the ball was rolling. Luckily, Candice's husband, Brandon, was at home with nothing better to do until Candice asked him to pick up the dress at her parent's house and deliver it to Amanda's fiance.

After jumping through a couple of hoops, the dress was delivered in time and the wedding went off without a hitch. Below is the video of the two brides meeting face to face for the first time. I can honestly say that I do not believe in coincidence, everything happens for a reason and there is a reason that 911 call went to Candice. By the way, the two women who had never met before this, had bought their dresses in the same store and they are the same size...whoa!




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