Easter can be way more fun when you pull some harmless, yet funny pranks.

So here are a few ideas we've come up with:

1. Don't hard boil the eggs. 

2. Brussel Sprout Pops.

You know, if you put brussel sprouts on a stick and cover them in chocolate, they look an awful lot like cake pops...

You could also make "candied apples" but with onions.

3. Grape Eggs

You know those tiny chocolate eggs wrapped in foil? Those are shaped a lot like grapes. Wrap grapes in candy foil. Kids need more fruit in their diet anyway.

4. Not So Chocolate Egg

You know those big chocolate eggs? Don't they look a lot like real eggs, just dipped in chocolate...?

5. No Egg Easter Egg Hunt

Send the kids on an Easter Egg Hunt. Spoiler Alert: There are no eggs.


6. Replace all Jelly Beans with Bean Boozle Jelly Beans.

Bean Boozle Beans are the worst. They look like normal jelly beans, but instead of flavors like watermelon, cherry, or licorice, you get flavors like baby wipe, vomit, or rotten eggs. It's disgusting. Make your children eat them.

Share some of your Easter pranks!

Here are a few more ideas form YouTube!



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