Migraines are no joke and they can be debilitating.

I have suffered from headaches since I turned 25. For whatever reason (maybe it's because I am aging) I have been getting headaches more and more as the years go by. To the point where I get home from work, put on my pajamas, get in bed, and call it a night. I started noticing that when the weather or seasons would change, the more dull the pain, the earlier they'd start and the longer they'd stick around. Recently, I even started taking a prescription to help (blog for another time, but it's helped immensely).

Here recently, the weather has been going crazy. Yes, we live in the midwest so it's expected. The days get warm, nights get cool, the air gets rainy and dreary. Just a nasty mix of it all. As my scientific husband would say, the barometric pressure is changing. *insert my confused look*

I started talking more about this recently and several friends expressed similar issues. If you have migraines or headaches try these five tips for some relief!

1. Get enough sleep. Most adults aren't sleeping enough. Make sure to sleep 6-8 hours a night. I am an over sleeper (I would sleep 10-12 hours a night if you let me) and I truly function better when I sleep about 7 hours.

2. Don't skip meals! This is a big one. I am so guilty of skipping breakfast. Then skipping lunch. I have a busy job and think I will eat in another thirty minutes. The next thing I know, I am miserable, hungry, have not only a caffeine headache, but I have starved myself.

3. Avoid stress/anxiety. Yeah, I know. This one is very hard. With the holidays coming up, sports, school, family schedules, work, it's all adding up. My philosophy is, if I can focus on the others on this list, this one can still be a work in progress.

4. Exercise! This is important. Even if you are only walking 30 minutes a day, this will help you get those endorphins up. I used to work out A LOT. I have been off due to injury and health recently. If you can do some form of exercise, you will not only feel better mentally and physically but you will also sleep better!

5. Do something for YOU! This is my favorite. It's not the conventional. I could tell you to take Tylenol but that's what we already try. My "me time" is a face mask and Netflix. I do this once a week. You need a way to detox. Especially if you are one of those "Seasonal Depression" people (yes, this is a serious condition) this is so important.

Take care of yourself!

*If you have very debilitating migraines and are at a cross roads at what to do next, consult with your doctor.*

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