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One of my coworkers used to have a pet rat and when Kendall Paul, from the Vanderburgh Humane Society, brought a rat into the studio a few years ago, she was so happy. She couldn’t wait to hold it and play with it. I, on the other hand, was not thrilled about a rat coming into the studio. The thought of it gave me the willies. See...

When Laverne left the studio, I had to admit, she was super cute. After meeting her, my attitude towards rats changed. Now, let me try and change your mind too. #ratsarecool

5 Reasons A Rat Makes A Good Pet

 Are you ready to adopt your own cute and cuddly rat? If so, meet Larkspur.


Larkspur is a 1-month-old baby female rat! She and her siblings came to VHS from a house that had gotten overwhelmed with too many rats. She has her whole 2 to 3-year lifespan ahead of her, and is young enough to be well-socialized and learn fun new tricks. Rat adoption fees at VHS are $5 each (no cage or supplies included.) Apply online at!


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