The English language is full of great words. Some pack a heavy punch, others simply help connect others together. Some make us cry. Some make us mad, Some are real, some are technically made up, but have become so widely used, they've become everyday speech for people. Some are dirty. Some are funny, and some can elicit any combination of the aforementioned emotions. They're how we communicate. How we learn what's on the mind of the person we're interacting with (whether we want to know or not). And, as of the end of this sentence, you've just read 101 of them.

Of those millions of words we have to choose from every time we open our mouth, there are quite a few that are just fun to say. Sometimes they are the actual names of things. Sometimes they're made up because we just don't know what to call an object we've never seen before, or because our mind goes blank and can't come up with the name of that thing we need at that moment. They replace words young ears shouldn't hear and wind up being funnier (and somehow more socially acceptable) than the real word we want to use at that given moment.

However they were created, these words dance off the tongue in a way other words don't. Let's take a look at some of those words. You'll likely be familiar with a majority of them, but chances are you'll also find a few you've never seen. But once you say them out loud, I bet you'll add them to your vocabulary for future use.

30 Words That are Fun to Say Out Loud That Aren't Swear Words

Recently, we asked our listeners on Facebook to share a word or two they think is fun to say. Some gave an explanation, some didn't. We received nearly 200 comments, and while it was tough to whittle down, these are the 30 we had the most fun saying.

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