Evansville is constantly growing. Adding new businesses right and left. So could we add these places to the list in 2022?

We have seen quite a few new businesses come to Evansville in 2021 that have had a lot of people talking. Some have already opened, while others are still in the planning stages. Some of these businesses that have made their way to Evansville include Crumbl Cookies, Biscuit Belly, Pier 17, and more. Most of these businesses that have come or plan on coming to Evansville are restaurants and gas stations. However, there is plenty of room for more shops and restaurants to make plans to have a location in Evansville in 2022.

As you know, there is room for a lot of new businesses to come to town, especially with the new The Promenade. The Promenade is already seeing a few businesses stake their claim in the acreage on Burkhardt Road like Academy Sports, Mr. B's, Costco, and The Fresh Thyme Farmer's Market already thriving. The Promenade plans to make the area a premier residential, business, and entertainment district, so this would be the perfect spot to add a few new businesses that Evansville doesn't have already.

Last year I made a list of businesses that I thought would be a great addition to Evansville. There were 15 businesses on that list and so far they have not made their way into Evansville. In 2022, the list is even bigger. I put together 25 businesses that would make for a great addition to Evansville. Now, this is not me saying that they are coming this year. This is just wishful thinking. It would certainly be nice to have these establishments closer to home. See if you agree.

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