Sometimes you can let your personality show on your vehicle of choice. Very few better ways to do that than with a personalized license plate. In Illinois, there are a wild number of variations that you can customize for yourself. I've gathered 21 examples for you to check out.

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The Illinois Secretary of State's website has a section called "Pick a Plate". That page includes a menu with the different categories which include professional and college sports teams, military, police and first responders. There are antique and other specialty plates available, too. I counted around 13 or 14 different categories alone. Here are some highlights of what you can choose from.

21 Super Personalized Illinois Plates You Could Customize For You

Gallery Credit: Illinois Secretary of State

What I thought was interesting was that Illinois has a place on their website where you can report a license plate that offends you. Considering the cultural environment in 2023, I can only imagine how long the day must be for the person having to deal with all those complaints. Yikes.

There are other details about personalized plates that you should be aware of including the Illinois secretary of state's office right to refuse any plate request that THEY find offensive. If you have questions, you can refer to their details to make sure you get the personalized plate that your heart desires.

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