Outside of a few chilly temperatures here and there, winter hasn't been too terrible for the Tri-State this year. That changed midway through last week when a weather system moved in dropping freezing rain and leaving much of us under a sheet of ice. While it did make driving conditions dangerous for about 24 hours, it also showed how truly pretty it can be.

Not only did it cover roads and sidewalks, it covered trees, bushes, and everything in between. Anything exposed to the elements was left encased in ice in a matter of hours giving us some pretty (don't say it, don't say it) "cool" (dang it!) photo opportunities.

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Thankfully we all have a camera in our pockets, giving us the opportunity to snap a photo anytime we see something of interest and we want to capture it to share with our family, friends, or the world in general. After taking a few photos around the parking garage at the station, along with my home and neighborhood, I asked friends and family to send me any photos of the ice they took on Facebook, and they did not disappoint.

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As we all know, winter isn't done with us yet as the National Weather Service is forecasting not one, but two rounds of snow that could see us buried under several inches of the frozen stuff by the time the week is over, which no doubt will not only make driving around the Tri-State difficult, but should also give us several more amazing photo opportunities.

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