The start of the college fall semester means the Evansville area is adding several new temporary residents to the area as students make their way to town for the first time to study at the University of Evansville, the University of Southern Indiana, or Ivy Tech Community College to start their freshman year. If you're one of them, welcome to town. We're happy to have you hear. Unless something has changed since I graduated from college over 20 years ago, I'll assume you're always looking for something to eat after class. Well, you're in luck, we have a ton of choices here, some of which you likely have in your hometown, and some you may not. Trying to figure out which one to choose can be a bit overwhelming since you don't know your way around town, so we asked people who live here to recommend their favorite places that will not only give you the chance to enjoy great food but will also work within your budget (which I will also assume is not much).

One thing you have today that I didn't back then (because I am an old person) is Google Maps. All they you have to do is open it up, tap the "Restaurants" option, and BOOM all the nearby restaurants magically pop up. But, which ones are worth the trip? Sure, you could read the reviews, but how trustworthy are those? The five-star reviews could be from the person who owns the restaurant pretending to be a customer and the one-star reviews could be from someone that happened to catch the place on a bad day.

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So, we asked Evansville residents to tell us their favorite places they thought you'd like too. You'll find practically every type of cuisine you can imagine on this list. Mexican, Asian, pizza, burgers, pasta, even Himalayan, all of which won't disappoint. Enjoy!

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