Restaurants here in Evansville come and go, but there are some that have gone that still miss having around. 

I'm sure there are way more than 10 restaurants that used to be in Evansville that we miss. However I have been asking around, and these are the 10 that keep popping up. Check out the 10 restaurants in Evansville that we miss the most.

  1. Elliot's Steakhouse

  2. Chi-Chi's

  3. The Spaghetti Shop

  4. Sir Beef

  5. First Avenue Diner

  6. Garfield's

  7. Old Country Buffet

  8. Godfather's Pizza

  9. Mattingly 23

  10. Black Buggy


Stay tuned for 10 MORE Restaurants In Evansville That We Miss The Most!

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