Tonight WWE's Monday Night Raw will air live from Nashville with a special theme of Raw Country.  On top of the normal 3 hours of wrestling and entertainment, we will see Florida Georgia Line performing, and I'm sure Santino Marella will sport a cowboy hat, not to mention the divas will dress up in some kind of stereotypical country garb.  But what if we had some big matches between country stars and WWE stars and legends.  It would look a bit like this!

1) Toby Keith vs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

WWE / Facebook/Toby Keith

Austin likes to drink beer.  Toby writes about beer.  Austin is from Texas.  Toby is from Oklahoma.  It's a match made in heaven.  And considering that Austin is probably the biggest star the WWE has ever seen, it helps that Toby actually has some wrestling experience, suplexing Jeff Jarrett at a wrestling show in 2002!

2) The Wyatt Family vs. Rascal Flatts

WWE / Facebook/Rascal Flatts

This 6-man tag team match pits the clean cut ladies men as the smooth-sounding Gary, Jay, and Joe Don take on the mysterious, and scary cult-like group, The Wyatts.  It's the classic battle of good versus evil, but I'd have to give the upper-hand to the Wyatts on this one.

3) Jerry 'The King' Lawler vs. 'King' George Strait

WWE / Facebook/George Strait

This is royal match-up we all want to see.  These are two guys that keep getting it done decade after decade, and they've both aged extremely well!  Which King will come out on top?  Only this dream match will tell the tale!

4) CM Punk vs. Eric Church

Facebook/CM Punk/Eric Church

One reason I think this match would rock, is because Eric Church strikes me as somebody who can throw down.  Secondly, Church likes to push the boundaries of what the general population sees as country music.  Likewise, CM Punk has changed the definition of what people see in a typical WWE Superstar.  Take both of these outspoken individuals and put them in a ring together, it could be magic!

5) Stacy Keibler vs. Kellie Pickler

Facebook/Stacy Keibler/Kellie Pickler

The reason for this match?  Duh!  HOTTEST...THING...EVER...IN...THE...WORLD!