Let's see which celebrities and Tri-Staters are celebrating today!!!!!!! 

Patti Smith
Age: 65
Occupation: Singer and Poet
Known For: Earning the nickname “Godmother of Punk” after releasing her stunning 1975 debut album ‘Horses,’ her Top 20 single ‘Because the Night,’ and heavily influencing groups as varied as R.E.M., The Smiths and U2

Tiger Woods
Age: 36
Occupation: Professional Golfer and Tabloid Magnet
Known For: Being a former world number one and the highest-paid professional athlete in the world, and enduring an embarrassing personal scandal when dozens of women went public with their affairs with him, resulting in the implosion of his marriage and an endless stream of joke material for comedians

Michael Nesmith
Age: 69
Occupation: Musician, Songwriter and Producer
Known For: Being a member of and songwriter for The Monkees and starring in the group’s eponymous TV series, writing other artists’ songs such as Linda Ronstadt’s ‘Different Drum,’ executive-producing the cult film ‘Repo Man,’ and (bar trivia alert!) being the son of the woman who invented Liquid Paper

Tracey Ullman
Age: 52
Occupation: Actress, Comedienne and Singer
Known For: Her hit single ‘They Don’t Know,’ creating and starring in the awesome ‘The Tracey Ullman Show,’ ‘Tracey Takes On…’ and ‘Tracey Ullman’s State of the Union,’ and appearing in films like ‘I Love You to Death,’ ‘Bullets Over Broadway’ and ‘Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride’

Eliza Dushku
Age: 31
Occupation: Actress
Known For: Television roles on ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer,’ ‘Angel,’ ‘Tru Calling’ and ‘Dollhouse,’ film roles in ‘True Lies,’ ‘Bring It On’ and ‘Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,’ lending her voice to several video games, and being an object of lust for geek boys the world over.

Tri-state celebs celebrating this weekend......

Birthdays for Friday, December 30:

Amanda Siewert from Corydon KY is 31

Angie Moore from Evansville IN is 43

Ashley Hagedorn from Evansville IN is 23

Beth Grant from Dayville IN is 51

Brandee Smith from Mount Vernon IN is 31

Brenda Fuchs from Evansville IN is 55

Cathi Blair from Henderson KY is 51

Christy Wright from Evansville IN is 37

Cindy Harrison from Eureka IN is 49

Colin Ritchey from Allendale IL is 38

David Maddox from Evansville IN is 28

David Ziegler from Mount Vernon IN is 55

Erin Hocking from Cowling IL is 26

George Ball from Evansville IN is 61

George Hardy from Ellery IL is 53

Hollye Schillinger from Darmstadt IN is 34

James Moore from Alford IN is 57

Jennifer Sermersheim from Boone IN is 41

John Monarch from Boonville IN is 54

Joseph Biggs from smith mills KY is 31

Katee Brandt from is 23

Kim Krieger from Mount Vernon IN is 46

Ladon Mooney from Dixon KY is 42

Lisa Spainhoward from Henderson KY is 42

Mary Embry from Owensboro KY is 28

Mary Williams from Bremen KY is 11

Mike Smith from Corydon KY is 57

Pam Underhill from Bretzville IN is 48

Pat Jost from Evansville IN is 72

Patricia Brochin from Capehart IN is 56

Patty Thomas from Nebo KY is 57

Phelecia Seibert from E. Virginia St. IN is 53

Rachael Orange from Evansville IN is 28

Randi Mcellhiney from Francisco IN is 28

Raven Anderson from Evansville IN is 25

Robert Rollinson from Sesser IL is 24

Sharmon Tegmeyer from Alford IN is 44

Sondra Westerfield from Princeton IN is 49

Susie Nichols from Henderson KY is 2

Tina Baugh from Evansville IN is 31

Birthdays for: Saturday, December 31, 2011

Alicia Claycomb from Bruceville IN is 32

Amanda Givens from Henderson KY is 31

Amanda Givens from Henderson KY is 31

Ann Abdelzaher from Urbana, IL is 35

Ashley Carter from Owensboro KY is 31

Betsy Pruitt from Evansville IN is 40

Brian Gammon from Bugtown IN is 41

Carla Alldredge from Elberfeld IN is 27

Carla Alldredge from Darmstadt IN is 27

Carrie Falkenstein from Evansville IN is 45

Chad Jones from Herrin IL is 33

Cheryl Melton from boonville IN is 48

Darla Correll from Lamotte IL is 34

Debbie Anderson from Evansville IN is 56

Diana Weaver from Greenville KY is 51

Elizabeth Silke from Boonville IN is 34

Everett Searcy from Evansville IN is 51

Jaimie Banks from Allendale IL is 45

Jennifer Kellems from Carter IN is 29

Jennifer Scheller from Darmstadt IN is 34

Joann Benjamin from Burglen Hills IN is 37

Kimberly Long from Henderson KY is 36

Kristy Georgesen from Darmstadt IN is 49

Kurt Wildeman from Evansville IN is 33

Lauren Cottingham from Sebree KY is 25

Linda Jones from Evansville IN is 53

Lori Burns from Henderson KY is 43

Lori Burns from Henderson KY is 43

Mary Chapman from Newburgh IN is 31

Michelle Ricketts from Henderson KY is 38

Monica Desjean from Evansville IN is 34

Randi Brown from Huntingburg IN is 41

William Dykema from Dayville IN is 55

Birthdays for: Sunday, January 01, 2012

Aaron S from Darmstadt IN is 56

Angie Stephens from Evansville IN is 41

Anna-gail Hook from Crofton KY is 26

April Chessor from Evansville IN is 43

Charley Spurrier from Owensboro KY is 26

Chris Bobo from Henderson KY is 47

Christopher Johnson from Dahlgren IL is 33

Christopher Johnson from Dahlgren IL is 33

Clarence Nulton from Evansville IN is 66

Clarence Nulton from Evansville IN is 66

Debbie` Hack from Princeton IN is 50

Erin Patton from Darmstadt IN is 31

James Peyton from Darmstadt IN is 62

Jessi Coomes from Owensboro is 25

Jim Harness from Cowling IL is 59

Karen Hufnagel from Mount Vernon IN is 44

Linda Goss from Allison IL is 59

Linda Pfister from Evansville IN is 49

Lisa Handlon from Evansville IN is 48

Lisa Smith from Dayville IN is 47

Lori Lawless from spottsville KY is 45

Matt Oglesby from Henderson KY is 30

Nancy Knight from Darmstadt IN is 53

Pamela Midgett from Henderson KY is 42

Peggy Radnovich from Fort Branch IN is 60

Penny Baker from Chandler IN is 44

Rachelle Atkins from Boone IN is 36

Sandy Rawls from Newburgh IN is 69

Sarah Crowder from Henderson KY is 26

Sarah Scott from Henderson KY is 26

Shannon Edwards from Evansville IN is 42

Stacy Conrad from Hazleton IN is 35

Terry Egan from Mt. Vernon is 56

Tony Collins from Sturgis KY is 57

Tony Kirk from Evansville IN is 40

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

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